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8 of the best sports recovery resources

Here you will find the best sports recovery resources on the web.

We gathered a list of researchers, self experimenters and institutions. Focusing on sports recovery. Check out the 8 best.

Sports Recovery Resources

1-Yann Le Meur (@YLMSportScience) – Yann came up with the brilliant idea of creating infographics based on scientific studies. You can find numerous workout recovery infographics on his blog, here. Yann, a sport scientist, shares a lot of his work on Twitter, so follow him.

2-Chris Hausswirth (@HausswirthC) – The head of the research department for the French National Institute of Sport (#INSEP). Co-author of Recovery for Performance in Sport. Chris continues to put out scientific studies on recovery from exercise, workouts and sporting events.

3-Shona Halson (@ShonaHalson) – The head of Recovery at the Australian Institute of Sport. She publishes scientific studies on workout recovery. You can find the majority of her work on ResearchGate. While you can also google, “Shona Halson .pdf” to easily find some of her scientific studies that are free to read.

4-Robin Thorpe (@robbyt05) – Head of Recovery and Regeneration Sports Scientist. Fitness Coach for Manchester United F.C. Robin, another good resource on recovery in sports.

5-Francois Bieuzen (@FrancoisBieuzen) – Sport scientist and project coordinator of Recovery at French National Institute of Sport (INSEP). Another good workout recovery resource.

6-Llion Roberts (@LlionARoberts) – Exercise Physiology Researcher. Focusing on recovery, adaptation and mechanisms. Another researcher to add your information feeds.

7-Ben Greenfield (@bengreenfield) – Ben’s the first non-researcher on this list. He brings a unique angle into the workout recovery field, as he’s big into self experimentation. You can find his informative chapters on workout recovery on his website, here.

8-Aspetar – This institution specializes in Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine. While they also focus on improving performance through recovery in sports. Their recovery conferences bring together some of the best researchers in the world and allow them to share their work. You can watch their post-exercise recovery conference, here.

We want to promote the spread of good information on sports recovery. A more informed industry benefits everyone. If we missed an awesome resource. Please let us know in the comments.

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