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-Intro on how to use and enhance palm cooling with All Natural PED strength sleeve.

Video Transcription

What up everyone! Check out my All Natural PED strength sleeve. It is a negative pressure sleeve that you use to make your workouts harder or easier depending on what you are trying to do. This video will be about how you make your workouts easier via the use of palm cooling.

You want to place a cold pack into the palm of your hands with the excess running up the veins of your arms. The cold pack should be between 40 to 60 degrees. Once it gets to 60 degrees, you can discard it. I check the temperature with a thermo-red gun, they are about $15 on Amazon. Anyhow, you place this (hand/cold power pack) into the sleeve. If you have a tee-shirt sleeve in the way, you want to make sure it is out of the way so that you can secure it (the sleeve) completely. So that the sleeve can hold a negative pressure.

Pump it for about 10 seconds until all the air is out. So what this does is, it does two things. First it slows the blood flow out of your hands and second it allows you to expose the palms of your hands to colder temperatures without vasoconstriction. You will find that you have to squeeze the squeeze pump periodically. Maybe about every 15 to 30 seconds.

This really helps with say bench press, or anything you can use your arms. Lately, I’ve been using it with unilateral or one arm exercises. Bench press too, pullups, any arm exercise. What it is going to do is prevent you from fatiguing so towards the end of your sets you will find that your reps don’t drop off as much. So basically, you are picking up strength endurance and then that strength endurance will surface in future workouts.

So then, I use it on my rest intervals (I almost forgot, this is the whole point of the sleeve, to recover on your rest intervals). They range from about 3 minutes on your bigger lifts like pull ups, chin ups, bench press. You can use it as little as 90 seconds, you will find it probably (the smaller the rest intervals the less impact it will have) makes a difference on the amount of reps you can do when your running through your sets.

Anyhow, when your done, just take it off. You can be kind of rough with it. Slide it down, pull it out, say this (cold power pack) is like 65 degrees chuck it a side and get another one and keep on working out. That’s pretty much it for this video, I’ll have another one on how you make your workouts harder.

-How to use blood flow restriction with the All Natural PED strength sleeve

Video Transcription (with commentary)

What up everyone, I’m back with that All Natural PED. First video is about palm cooling and how you make your workouts easier by increasing strength endurance and muscle activation as measured by EMG.

This workout (should be video, duh) is how you make your workouts harder with a twist on blood flow restriction training, which is lifting light loads 20 to 30% of your one rep max. With the top of your arms restricted with cuffs. Typically the blood restriction is in the 50 to 70% range with 100 being complete blood flow restriction. Where no blood flow is going through, which is not good.

If you ever get the tingly feelings, you know your cuffs are to tight or your wraps are too tight. Should be 50 to 70%, you should never get the complete tingly in your fingers or anything like that. Its hypoxia training, its sorta like elevation training for endurance athletes except this is for weight lifters or weight trainers. And the results are that you get increased size, hgh is increased, and a whole bunch of other….things are increased (like lactate, IGF-1, Noradrenaline and decreased myostatin to name a few).

So anyhow, I got a different take on blood flow restriction training in that I use it during my rest intervals on one arm, then on the other arm I actually lift weights in the 8-12 rep range to failure. So, I use this (stretchable velcro strap) with my sleeve to do it. The sticky part with the longer end is easier to put down first, and this is easier to get off (shorter sticky part). So this is how I do it, I also use it with palm cooling as I want that increased reps, muscle activation. Plus it makes it a little easier when your running though a circuit.

Again, long end goes first. Alright, this is one inch (stretchable velcro strap)…this is also stretchable. So you try to have the same start point and end point. Mine is right where it starts, right around here. Just about spot on. Then you want to squeeze the squeeze pump to help with the palm cooling. Now I’m gonna start my circuit. What I…I documented on twitter from November 7th to November 28th. Three weeks I gained 1 inch on my arms measuring with a tape measure.

I alternating between bi’s and tri’s every set. Like I said before, I did 8-12 reps to failure, so I used a weight I could do 8-12 reps with in this arm, while this arm was being restricted and palm cooled. Then I would switch to this arm (bfr arm) when you go back to this arm, you will find that your muscles are fatigued, you can’t do as much obviously. That’s as a result your body is throwing more blood to area to get more oxygen to the muscles that are being worked. So it just makes it harder.

Obviously this is not something for everyone. This is a more hardcore training technique, if you don’t train every day this is probably isn’t for you. Palm cooling is, you know it makes it easier, so it is probably more for everyone else. Where you can be an endurance athlete and it’ll slow your heart rate down and help you stop sweating. You can use it for weight training. It will help increase your strength endurance and your rep total as you don’t fatigue as much as you go through your sets.

But anyhow, I have a different twist on blood flow restriction training, and this is pretty much it, you use it during your rest intervals with higher weights on the other arm as you run through a circuit and you use it with palm cooling also as you get the double down effect on muscle activation with both techniques and you won’t fatigue as much as you would with the other one (i mean with only one or with no palm cooling). You can see my documentation that I have on line, like I said facebook and twitter, where I gained an inch in 3 weeks and a month I gain about an inch and a half.

And those workouts were not very, even though I went to failure. They weren’t very difficult or high intensity, I wouldn’t say and I end up gaining an inch or an inch and a half depending on the time frame. So the results were really good for the work I put in, which is kinda of impressive. You might find it useful if this is something you would do, again I would clear it with your doctor. It is safe for healthy individuals, but again its not for everyone. Anyhow, that’s all I have for you this time. Again, its that All Natural PED. Knowledge, strength, and (pop) power to the people.