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Common Questions

If you ask, we’ll answer and post them here.

Cold Pack Questions:

1 – Q: What temperature should the cold packs be when in use?

A: Cold packs should be in the 40-60°F range when in use. You may want to purchase an infared temperature gun to monitor your cold packs. You can find one on amazon for less than $20. They don’t have to be dead on accurate. Just provide a general range of temperature within 3 degrees or so consistently. Once your cold pack gets to 60°F, replace it with a new cold pack in the 40-50°F.

2 – Q: Can you just freeze the cold packs so they last longer and are more effective?

A: No, anything colder then 40°F, then your body may go into protection mode. This will cause the blood vessels in the palms to constrict to prevent the cold from impacting the body’s core. Your body is incredibly efficient, and this is your body’s defense mechanism to extreme cold. This defense mechanism helps keep your body warm, and is not ideal for workout recovery.

3 – Q: You have your own cold packs. How long do they last?

A: Depends on the size. Here’s a rough estimate when using a 45°F cold pack.
3×5″ power pack = 3 to 5 min
4×6″ power pack = 5 to 8 min (10 of these currently ship with the All Natural PED recovery sleeve)
4.5×7″ power pack = 8 to 12 min (rotate spots on pack to find cold spots)

4 – Q: How do you know the temperature of the cold packs and when to replace them with colder packs?

A: You can find an infared temperature gun on amazon for less than $20. That will provide the temperature of your power packs, so that you know when to replace them with a colder pack.

Negative pressure compression sleeve questions:

1 – Q: The top of the All Natural PED recovery sleeve that you ordered is not completely sewn. Why not?

A: This is done on purpose to provide a snug fit. Otherwise, it would be wrinkled at the top and air may possibly escape, which would prevent negative pressure compression.

2 – Q: How do you keep the inside of your All Natural PED recovery sleeve smelling good?

A: Baby powder works well in eliminating the odor. While a Lysol disinfectant will also eliminate the smell and also prevent bacteria growth. After use, turn inside out so that the recovery sleeve can air dry.

3 – Q: What colors are available for the All Natural PED recovery sleeve?

A: Only black at this time. What colors would you be interested in?

4 – Q: Your All Natural PED recovery sleeve was bigger than you expected?

A: This helps ease the entry and exit from the sleeve. Since the main use of this recovery sleeve is during the workout itself, easily putting on and taking off the recovery sleeve is important.

Workout Recovery Questions:

1 – Q: Does the All Natural PED recovery sleeve eliminate delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS)?

A: In short, no. But it will put you in a more favorable position to recover post workout. After a hard workout DOMS will run its course regardless of what you do. There is no cure for DOMS. Using an All Natural PED recovery sleeve might help reduce DOMS in the 5-10% range, as it can cool your body quickly immediately after your workout. But DOMS will still be present in the following 24-48 hours.

2 – Q: What is the best sport to use an All Natural PED recovery sleeve?

A: Sporting wise, baseball pitchers would receive the greatest benefit out of all the major sports when competing. Pitchers can easily use the All Natural PED recovery sleeve between innings in the dugout. It’s ideal for the hot summer months. The compression of the recovery sleeve will help keep the arm loose and feeling good. While the cold pack will help remove heat fatigue and heat stress from the pitcher’s arm. By cooling the arm through the inside. This should help starting pitchers endurance during their outings. Use in combination with a heat pack to quickly re-acclimate and rewarm the arm before going back out to the mound to pitch. Apply five minutes cold immediately between innings and end with 2 minutes warm to get the arm ready to throw again. Can also use heat packs to warmup the arm before throwing.

Payment Questions:

1 – Q: Do you accept credit cards?

A: Yes, we process credit cards through PayPal and Amazon Payments. You must sign in to your Amazon account at the checkout page to select your payment and address.