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Affiliate Program

About the All Natural PED affiliate program

If your interested in a possible affiliate opportunity, please state your interest to:

At this time, this offer is not open.

Affiliate agreement

If you would like to become an affiliate and are a publisher, website owner or ezine owner, then I’ll send you a contract to sign. I offer $15 per sale to my affiliates. Each affiliate will be given an unique affiliate code that purchasers must enter at checkout. Each unique affiliate code is also a $5 discount for the buyer. After a buyer enters your unique coupon code at checkout, and a product is shipped to the buyer. You will be notified of the sale. The buyer then has 2 months to return the product. After 2 months and 10 days have gone by, you, the affiliate, will be paid the $15 that is owed to you. Payment will be sent via check or paypal based on the affiliates preferences.

Affiliates contracts may be terminated at any time with or without reason or discretion. Affiliates contracts may also be modified at any time with or without reason. You will be notified of the change through email.


Please use your affiliate/coupon code the following ways:

1-Use my content on your site, you can add your affiliate code at the end of my articles with a disclaimer about our relationship.

2-Social media, feel free to tell your followers.

3-Word of mouth. If you find my product useful, then tell others that you meet that might be interested. Tell them to enter your unique affiliate/coupon code at checkout, so that they can receive a $5 discount when they checkout.

4-Run solo ads on your website or ezine with your unique affiliate/coupon code.


Do not do the following. If you are found doing the following, our contract will be terminated.


2-Create new social media profiles to promote your coupon/affiliate code. Use your current and existing profiles.

3-Send unsolicited bulk email. Must at all times comply with can spam laws and all state laws. Must respect people’s privacy at all times. Must comply with Internet service providers terms and conditions at all times. And do not buy email list and contact them.

4-Do not use my trademarks All Natural PED and Lame Duck Labs with pay per click (PPC). Also do not use my trademarks to mislead others, act as if they are your own, or that you represent them or are associated with them in any way other than that as an affiliate.