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About Us

It’s just me right now, but I get a lot of help. So it became about us.

But where would I start about me?

I’m a lousy editor, hit and miss writer, pathetic website creator and mainly just this wannabe entrepreneur with a misguided, blurred vision straight to the top. This is no place to bore you with useless facts. Knowing you would just take and twist and turn them to fit your wildest expectations.

The All Natural PED, invented because of the lack of workout recovery options in the marketplace. Through self experimentation with scientifically backed workout recovery ideas.

We stumbled into negative pressure compression, thermo recovery sleeves. And using them to enhance your workout performance by increasing your rate of recovery.

Email me at, or hit us up on Twitter at @allnaturalped. And then get ready to dust that superstar shine off your shoulders.

Rock ‘n’ Roll,

Tom Peashock


All Natural PED creator

All Natural PED creator